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Shrouded in the mysteries of the past yet equally built for a terrific destination of the the present, Holidays to Egypt make for an unforgettable experience.Whether it’s the Great Sphinx at Giza, a cruise down the Nile or snorkelling in the Dead Sea, the country offers a heady mix of history, thrills and romance.

Discover the breathtaking ancient world and the infinite wonders on Cheap Holidays to Egypt. Plan a dream vacation and get ready for an enchanting trip where you will be lost in reveries. Ignite your imagination, because there are plenty of things to stimulate your curiosity. In fact, Egyptian civilization’s mysterious traditions and culture had mesmerized, stimulated and captivated - intellectuals, artists, historians, filmmakers, and writers around the world. It has allured a layman and also fascinated the esoteric new age movement. The fascination for this mystical land also entered the entertainment industry through Disney cartoons. Today Egypt has swayed every westerner- that backpackers from the occidental world cannot resist the temptation of the golden sandy world and the majestic pyramids standing tall in the midst of the ancient ruins. Choose Holidays to Egypt for a memorable and an aesthetic vacation.

Innumerable Choices

Egypt’s engrossing history has captivated the imagination of the entire world. The ruins and monuments are the reminiscences of the Ancient history of Pharaohs, Greeks, Roman, and Coptic. And many remnants of the Islamic period. There are several architectural wonders from ancient times. Discover the popular ruins, temples, Mosque, and Monasteries on Egypt Holidays.

The Scintillating Desert

Desert is a delight and a great place to understand the Bedouin culture and get a firsthand account of their challenges in a hostile environment. Discover the pre-historic swimmer's cave and the Shaw’s cave. Thrill seekers can go for Quad bike and sand boarding. Embark on an adventure streak around this infinite sandy desert. Melt into the golden sand dunes and the reveries of the starry nights.

The Enthralling Nile Cruise

Egypt is not merely a barren desert, it is a natural wonder and this was only possible because of the river of life or the Nile River. It has sustained civilization for more than 6000 years and ensured flourishing agriculture. Take a magnificent Nile cruise and sail through the river amidst the gorgeous landscape. The world around the longest river is quite different; it resembles a typical serene village life. Look out for cruises from Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, and embark on a magical Nile cruise.

Beach Holidays to Egypt - Paradise for Sun Loungers

The ruins and desert maybe enthralling and the river Nile perhaps breathtaking, but the Beach Holidays to Egypt is equally magnificent. Thrill seekers would love the palm ridden beaches and the exotic marine, moreover, the tranquil waters is a real attraction for those who prefer serene sunbathing. Swim in the turquoise water of the Taba beach in the Sinai Peninsula, which is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and majestic cliffs. Moreover, the beautiful shades of Red sea are even more enchanting.

Marsa Allam is a gorgeous water body that meanders around the mountain and sea. Bask under the golden sun or step into the glass bottom boat to see the exotic marine world. Go for snorkeling or dive into the sea to find the exotic wildlife. Sahl Hasheesh is a magnificent resort. It’s indeed a paradise in the midst of the desert. This resort is surrounded by beautiful mountains and crystal clear water. Bask under the sunshine or stroll around the 12 km beach. The water is calm and warm for a nice splash. Rejuvenate at the spa and get a wonderful massage.

Brief History of the Ancient Wonder

Egyptian history is a worldwide fascination. In fact, many scholars have dedicated their lives to unravel the mysteries surrounding the graves, mummies, and the pyramids. Ancient hieroglyphs had always got the attention of linguists. Besides, the study of this rudimentary language, Egyptology is now a recognized subject, thought in various universities worldwide.

To encapsulate the 7000 years of history is not simple, but the names like Nefertiti, Ramses, Tutankhamen, Giza, and Sphinx reverberate everywhere. There is an incredible Greco-Roman architecture and then the Coptic Christian architecture which includes St Simeon monasteries in Aswan, and the monastery of St Paul around the Red Sea Mountain.

Discover the Jewish history in Egypt. Jews contributed immensely to Egypt. The heritage of Judaism is well preserved in Alexandria and Cairo. Lastly, Islamic history and its architectural wonder are quite remarkable. Legacy right from the days of the Caliphates, Mamluks and the contribution of Mohammed Ali is well preserved. This includes the mosques and the various streets named after rulers and Caliphates. Visit Al Azhar and Al-Mu'izz al-Din Street on this tour to get a feel of the Islamic Period.

The Majestic Memnon on Low Cost Holidays to Egypt

A Colossi of Memnon is a ruin which interestingly is larger than life. Located around the Nile River in the city of Luxor, discover the huge statues. The two grandiose Idols belong to Pharaoh Amenhotep III, who ruled this land in 1400 B.C. Today the inanimate Figures of Memnon stands tall in the midst of the temple ruins. It could withstand a massive earthquake around 2000 years ago. The most intriguing part of this statue is the strange sound that reverberates from it. It could possibly be an echo. But the Roman and Greeks named it Memnon a legendary of the Trojan War.

Gastronomy in Egypt

Like the splendid culture enjoy the culinary delights. Try delicious Kushari prepared with Hummus, rice, spaghetti, vinegar and chilli sauce. Rozz Me’ammar is a chicken dish prepared during important occasions. Relish the exotic street food like Alexandrian Sausages and Liver. Kebab & Kofta remains signature dish.

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