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Sympozjum And Spa

Krakow And Surrounding Area, Krakow

Kossak Hotel

Krakow And Surrounding Area, Krakow

Galaxy Hotel

Krakow And Surrounding Area, Krakow

Ostoya Palace Hotel

Krakow And Surrounding Area, Krakow

Leone Aparthotel

Krakow And Surrounding Area, Krakow

Siesta Aparthotel

Krakow And Surrounding Area, Krakow
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Beaches on Holidays to Poland


Poland is an ideal seaside destination; although it’s not that popular among tourists there are still plenty of gems around the coast.

Sopot is the largest and the most fascinating beach. It’s not a typical sandy beach to unwind and relax, but rather, the beach is a perfect place to stroll through the long bridge. One can sit on the wooden seat and gaze through the vast Baltic Sea.     

Jurata is an amazing seaside resort with a long coastline of sandy beach. There are plenty of water sport activities around the beach resort. On this Holidays to Poland visit the nearby seal aquarium or just unwind on the beach. This is the best place for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and sailing. The serene atmosphere and calm waters are ideal for Family Holidays to Poland.

Cuisine on Cheap Holidays to Poland


Enjoy Polish Cuisine on All Inclusive Holidays to Poland. There is an amazing variety of cuisine, which is very well blended with culture. The effect of renaissance is seen in the culinary. Several herbs and spices are used in the cuisine. The diet is quite meaty. Savor the smoked sausage and relish various dishes prepared from sour cream, kohlrabi, mushrooms, sauerkraut, beetroot, cucumbers (gherkins).

Taste the authentic Chlodnik Lijewski soups prepared from cold yogurt, beetroot, and boiled egg. Eat main course Eskalopki z cieleciny prepared from beef. Or some traditional main course relish Karp po zydowsku – seafood which was traditionally Jewish cuisine.

Best Time to Visit Poland


 Visit during the summers from Jun-Aug; especially if you love music and you are also a Chopin fan then visit in August when the musical competition is held. Attend the Jewish cultural festival in Jun/Jul held in Krakow.   

A Fascinating Cultural Tour

Poland is culturally rich and the resilience of the Polish people during the world war is admirable. Spend your holidays in Portugal and explore the significant landmarks around the region. Browse our website at Super Escapes and avail exciting discounts.     


Grayness in Auschwitz

The century had been quite volatile in Poland. But the horrific and painful memories of Auschwitz still linger the psyche.  The show collection is extremely saddening. Every pair would conjure the image of the victim which is men, women or a kid.  

Sand Dunes

This is indeed deceptive and rather bizarre. Poland is normally associated with snow, but sand dunes bring variety to your holiday. Slowinski National Park resembles Sahara of North Africa.

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