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North Holland
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Beautiful and Sunny Beaches on North Holland Holidays

Despite of the erratic Dutch weather, the beaches are worth exploring when the sun is out and the weather is warm and balmy.

Fun activities at Zandvoort aan Zee and  Bloemendaal aan Zee

The beach is pretty well known and is also a perfect place for a family destination. One can indulge in water sports and simple beach soccer. Youngster flock to Bloemendaal aan Zee where there are nightclubs and various beach bars. The beach is also a dog-friendly and there is a separate area for pets.

Water sports on Holidays to North Holland

Amsterdam is a great place to indulge in water sports and many canal cruises. Check out various canal cruises deals. Besides, Amsterdam, the Dutch coast, in general, is full of water sports. Indulge in diving, kite surfing and around beaches and various interconnected lakes where one can reach from North Holland. 

Moreover, one can rent a sailboat for a single day or a weekend. Various types of sailboats can be rented depending on the requirement. 


Enjoy the Dutch cuisine and eat a different variety of Stamppot – made of vegetables and Mashed potatoes. Try rookoworst which is smoked sausage. Relish the Stroopwafels’, ‘haring’, ‘poffertjes. But don’t forget to taste cheese which is the vital part of Dutch cuisine.

Best Time to Visit North Holland

  July to August is best for Amsterdam. March to mid-May is a bit chilly and a great time for the budget holiday as well as one can witness the blooming up of colorful Tulips.

Interesting Facts about North Holland

Netherland is the healthiest country in the world. The men are among the tallest worldwide. Proficiency in English is way higher. They are the highest exporters of tulip flowers.

 The cycle-friendly country has decided to ban petrol and diesel car by 2025. Recreational drugs are legalized in Amsterdam. Explore this wonderful country which is home to the finest artist in the world. 

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