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Beaches on Desert Holidays in Morocco

Morocco has a long coastline which stretches the Atlantic and the Mediterranean oceans. The sandy coastline is full of mesmerizing beaches and plenty of scenic wonders.

There is a unique rock around the Legzira Plage beach. It was in news recently, due to its weird formation, which resembles a fountain.  Besides rock, the place is quite laid back and a perfect place to laze around.

Essaouira was an integral part of the hippie movement during the 60’s and those involved in the counterculture. The strong wind at Moulay Bouzerktoune encourages windsurfers. For an exotic experience head towards the Asilah beach which situated just across the Strait of Gibraltar and Spain. It’s is indeed a significant landmark that divides Africa from Europe.

Water Sports on Morocco Holidays - Cuisine

The balmy weather around the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast provides plenty of opportunities to indulge in water sports.

Dive and discover the marine world in either the Atlantic or the Mediterranean Sea. The best diving spot in the Mediterranean is Straits of Gibraltar and for Atlantic sea is Agadir and Essaouira. The same beach is ideal for other water sports activities like windsurfing and water skiing.   

For surfing head towards the quiet village of Taghazoute, or move towards the Banana beach. Challenge the Atlantic wave on this exceptional Beach holiday


Best Time to Visit Morocco

An ideal time to visit is March to May. August and September are hot. September and November are pleasant.

A wonderful Desert Adventure

Low-cost airline and proximity to Europe make Morocco the most sought after destination in Europe. Gear up for an amazing desert adventure and indulge in water sports. Avail discounts and for more information visit Super Escapes website.          

Interesting Facts about Morocco

Morocco sovereignty goes back to 788 years ago. Fez city is listed under UNESCO heritage. Special privileges are given to tourists from Canada, UK, USA and Japan. They can live in Morocco for three months without a Visa. The Berber identity is quite unique which blends well with Arab nationalism and was once well known among the Greeks and Romans. Morocco is part of the Arab league, African union and United Nation.

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