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Lazio Rome Region
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Glittering Church and Museum on Holidays to Lazio Rome Region

Vatican Museums

 When Pope Julius founded this museum; he would never have imagined that this place would end up as a gigantic collection of art and artifacts. However, his successors over a period amassed 70,000 works which include Roman sculptures and glorious Renaissance art. The caretakers and regular employees are around 640 who work on restoration, administrative and scholarly activities.

St. Peter's Basilica

 Explore this magnificent Church on Lazio Rome Region Holidays. It’s rather more significant as far as religious history is concerned. The place is the burial site of Saint Peter.  There was a Church built by Constantine on the same site. Several intriguing historical events are part of this Church like Protestant Reformation, Early Christian, and Papacy.  

Best Beaches on Rome Holidays

Rome is more than its rich culture and heritage. The incredible coastline is there to be discovered.

Crescent-shaped Sperlonga is an amazing beach, surrounded by mountains covered with Mediterranean vegetation. The warm shallow water makes it perfect Family Holidays to Lazio Rome Region. There is an ancient Villa with some beautiful sculptures. This is where the emperor Tiberius spent his summer holidays.

Gaeta is a stunning seaside town. This was another favorite destination for the ancient Roman elite. There are several golden sandy beaches. The most famous is the Serapo. However, head towards the ubiquitous archeological ruins, there is a 6th -century Aragonese castle and the glorious Sanctuary of the Montagna Spaccata.

Diverse Italian Cuisine

Indeed, Italian cuisine is diverse as one plates differs from place to place and city to city. Eat like a Roman in Rome. Relish the Cacio e Pepe pasta prepared from Romano cheese and black pepper. Try Da Danilo authentic Roman pasta with other add-on like smoked pork jowl and egg.

Interesting Facts about Lazio Rome Region

The ancient Appian Way which used to connect ancient Rome is still in use. This was one of those many roads that connected to Rome. As the old cliché goes that every Road connected to Rome.

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