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Sunscape Splash Resort And Spa

Jamaica, Montego Bay

Hilton Rose Hall Resort And Spa

Jamaica, Montego Bay

Sunrise Club

Jamaica, Negril

Samsara Cliff Resort

Jamaica, Negril

Travellers Beach Resort

Jamaica, Negril

Secrets St James Montego Bay

Jamaica, Montego Bay
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Best Attractions in Jamaica

Explore rich culture and history in plenty of attractions on Jamaica Holidays. The city of Kingston is literally the heart of the country with plenty of landmark sites and renowned Emancipation Square and Liberty Hall. The charming streets, extravagant local food and Bob Marley Museum will occupy your minds, despite leaving the destination after your vacation. Spend some time in the National Gallery of Jamaica, which exhibits great art of Jamaica depicting lifestyles of several ages.  The birthplace of Reggae music hosts music festivals, where people take delight in listening to the music. The most important event among all is the Calabash International Literary Festival, which attracts many legendary personalities on a holiday to Jamaica. The other top attractions comprise Dunn's River Falls, Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, Port Antonio, Rio Grande River and many more.

Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica Beaches are truly fantastic and a beach holiday would be completely an otherworldly experience for pleasure seekers. The most popular Beach resort Negril is the fantastic one and encourages a wide range of adventurous activities. Diving, Swimming and riding are the popular adrenaline pumping activities.  The Northern region is the home for fantastic beaches to suit all sorts of holidaymakers. Stunning beaches, spectacular ambiance, towering cliffs, tranquil atmosphere, Caribbean Coves, makes the scenery more impressive. The top favorite beaches comprise, Cornwall Beach, Silver Sands, Mammee Bay Beach, Boston Bay Beach, Frenchman's Cove, Winifred Beach and more.

Jamaican Food

Taste the most authentic Jamaican food on your pleasure trip. There are plenty of varieties that should try; Jerk Chicken is the most popular dish and national favourite.  Even you should try Jerk Pork, available on all the menus. If you prefer an All Inclusive Holidays to Jamaica, it would be a great option to save money and at the meantime invest more on trying wide varieties. The top foods that you should try on Jamaican Holiday comprise Red peas, Steamed fish, Fried fish, Roast fish, stewed peas and more.

Interesting Facts about Jamaica

Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the costliest and top favorite coffee in the world is produced in Jamaica. Though it is expensive, it is the most popular drink among coffee lovers.

Jamaica's rich flora and fauna boast some 200 impressive orchids. More interestingly 73 of them are endemic to the region.

Jamaica is home to the world's fastest runner Usain Bolt. Usually, people here are athletic, the United States and China nationalize Jamaicans who prefer athletics in the Olympics.

It is part of the wedding tradition to prepare a fruit cake with rum. In the wedding ceremony, it is served to all the guests. Relatives who couldn't make it to celebrations, specifically for them cake pieces are sent to their homes.

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