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Italian Islands
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Best Beaches on Italian Islands

 Marina Grande is the largest beach on Capri Island, pretty close to the harbor. Relax under the incredible sun at the beach. The popular beaches on Capri comprise Palazzo a Mare, Beaches in Marina Piccola, Faraglioni, Blue Grotto and Faro. Sardinia, another prominent island along the coast with magical beaches is also known as the island of thousand beautiful beaches. Cala Goloritze, Porto Istana, Spiaggia Del Principe, Porto Giunco, La Pelosa and Tuerredda, they literally gives you a Caribbean like ambiance for beach lovers. Sicily has over 1000 kilometers of coastline boasting wonderful beaches. Italy Holidays are widely known for fun under the glorious sun. The magical landscape of Italian beaches takes you completely to a different landscape.

Italian Cuisines

Italian top favorite cuisines need no introduction, as they are available across the world. Pasta, Pizza and tomato are extremely popular in the world. Food changes from region to region, while Italian Islands offer you the most authentic seafood along with local favorites. When it comes to food on Sicily Island, you will find the influences of Arab, French, Spanish and Greek varieties. Every island of Italy has developed own variety. As a holidaymaker, you will have a plethora of opportunities to taste both national and international favorites. Holidays to Italy Islands literally means a completely otherworldly experience for pleasure seekers.

Best Time to Visit Italy Islands

Since time immemorial Italy has been a favorite holiday destination. Pleasant Mediterranean type of climate and classic architecture has always been crowd pullers.  Apart from mainland, the islands also receive massive tourism influx on a large scale. If you want to discover this destination, a little awareness of local conditions is necessary, before booking a Cheap Holidays to Italy Islands.

Interesting Facts about Italian Islands

Capri Island’s rock formations date back to Jurassic era. The oldest regions of island comprise Cala Ventroso, Grotta Delle Felci and the Migliera.

Sicily is island is often considered as the birth place of mafia and an island with rich family traditions. It is also birthplace of world’s renowned mathematician Archimedes.

Sardinia Island records highest life expectancy ratio in the world. The count of centenarians is quite high compared to any other region.

The thermal baths of Ischia are popular across the world. Verdant and volcanic island features extravagant natural scenery.

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