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Cucu Hotel

Tel Aviv And Surrounding Area, Tel Aviv

Shalom Hotel And Relax An Atlas Boutique Hotel

Tel Aviv And Surrounding Area, Tel Aviv

Herods Vitalis Eilat

Eilat And Surrounding Area, Eilat

Market House An Atlas Boutique Hotel

Tel Aviv And Surrounding Area, Tel Aviv

Art Plus An Atlas Boutique Hotel

Tel Aviv And Surrounding Area, Tel Aviv

Dan Carmel Haifa

Haifa Region, Haifa
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Delightful Mediterranean Israel Holiday


The warm and balmy Mediterranean coast of Israel is full of amazing beaches. The Tel Aviv beach is a must visit.  Few gems including Gordon-Frishman Beach, Alma Beach, Banana Beach, and Hilton Beach.

Head towards Eilat Beaches in the southern region and bask in the sunshine and experience some warmth.  Relax on the sun-soaked HaSh’hafim beach which is also called Seagulls Beach. Next to it is the Sun bay beach. Go to Golden beach for sunbathing and relax on the chairs.  

Israel Cuisine

Israel is ethnically diverse. The majority of the Jewish population is from Russia, Europe and many of them are from the Middle East. Israeli cuisine is similar to the Middle East. Relish Falafel, which was originally Egyptian snack. Enjoy the mouthwatering Hummus prepared from crushed chickpeas, lemon and olive oil. Shwarma is all time favorite cuisine, prepared from lamb, chicken or Turkey. Enjoy Jachnun which is a weekend dish.        

Best time to Visit Israel

June to August is the best time to visit Israel as there is plenty of sunshine and the weather is balmy. The winters begin from November and end in March.  

Fascinating Israel Trip

Israel is a fascinating country, embedded in history and amazing culture. There is plenty of exotic sightseeing. Grab this opportunity and avail amazing discounts on Super Escapes website on the wonderful Israel trip.   

Interesting Facts about Israel

This is not Brooklyn or New York, but the ancient dog cemetery is in Ashkelon. The volatile country can boast of 137 official beaches which are well maintained. Perhaps they can give competition to Indian in consuming Vegetables and sweets. In fact, Veganism is turning quite popular in Israel. Almost 100 Sushi restaurants are spread across Tel Aviv which is after Tokyo, NYC. Israel has two official languages Arabic and Hebrew. This is due to the huge Arab Diaspora, especially the Druze community who serve in Israeli defense force.   

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