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Islands of Malta
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Grand Hotel Gozo

Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands

Comino Hotel And Bungalows

Islands Of Malta, Comino


Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands

St Patricks Hotel

Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands

Calypso Gozo Hotel

Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands

Corncucopia Hotel

Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands
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Water Sports on Malta Holidays

Indulge in some adventure around the beach. Several beaches offer water sports  like jet skiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, or paragliding, also other amazing water sports activity include water polo, canoeing. For tranquility hire boat or Yacht and sail through the Mediterranean. Also, relax around by indulging in fishing. 


Relish the delicious Malta cuisine which is mouthwatering and exotic. Try the traditional food, especially the Maltese fish soup or the minced beef with exotic herbs. Besides Fish; a rabbit is also a major part of the Maltese culinary. Like most of the Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is used in various dishes. 

Best Time to Visit Malta

Best Time to Visit Malta is June to August which is the high season. But for those looking for real low-Cost holidays to Malta then the low season is best which begins from December and last until Feb.

The Wonder Archipelago Trip

Great opportunity to explore the beautiful islands around the Mediterranean coast. There are several deals on Super Escapes; avail discount for wonderful beach holidays or look out for an All Inclusive Holidays to Islands of Malta.

Interesting Facts about Malta

Malta is ancient, and there are many relics that go back to 5000 B.C. The relics are listed under UNESCO.

The people drive on the left side or the wrong side. Nothing new for Brits

It’s been quite popular among Hollywood. Some famous movies shot in Malta are Troy, Gladiator, and Captain Philips.

It is rather startling that there are no forests, mountains, and rivers in Malta. The entire area is covered with beautiful architecture.

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