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Reykjavik And Surrounding Area, Reykjavik

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Reykjavik And Surrounding Area, Reykjavik
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Ice climbing and Bird watching on Iceland Holidays

 There is no dearth of activities around this wonderful secluded Island. On this Holidays in Iceland, get involved in some adventure sport. Snæfellsjökull and Vatnajökull glaciers are best places for ice hiking. Gear up for this challenge it is always advisable to wear a hat and gloves and quick dry trousers, wear a waterproof jacket.  Other accessories like ice ax and Crampons will be provided.

Iceland is a bird’s paradise and there are several places to indulge in bird watching. Along the coastline look out for passerine birds, waders, Arctic Tern, and eiders. Some of the finest bird watching destinations are Reykjanes Peninsula, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. It’s indeed a great time to spend with family and children and see the exotic birds on Family Holidays to Iceland.

Fresh Icelandic Cuisine

 The vital thing about Iceland is the freshness. The food grown is always fresh due to the fresh water around the island. There is plenty of fishing and seafood but the geothermal energy ensures that there are enough organic vegetables throughout the year.

Icelandic lamb is a famous dish, but try out the exotic hot dog also called pylsur. Relish ice cream and cheese or savor the Fermented shark.

Best time to Visit Iceland

 June to August is the best time to visit Iceland. Experience the 24 hours daylight and w delightful music festival, which is accompanied with a bonfire and other fireworks.

Isolates and Beautiful Iceland

Great opportunity to explore this distant island and delve into its rich landscape and beautiful rivers and mountains. Check out for discounts at Super Escapes website.  

Interesting facts about Iceland

Iceland generates more revenue in whale watching expedition rather than whaling. This is indeed great news for those who endorse biodiversity.

Icelanders gulp plenty of Coca-Cola the per capita consumption is huge. But somehow Mc Donald’s fell out of favor. There aren’t any Mc Donald franchises in Iceland.

The most intriguing fact is that it was the last country settled by humans. Iceland does not have an army of its own.

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