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Holidays to Nevada
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Boulder City

Boulder city is another impressive place to indulge in an adventure. Visit the famous Hoover Dam or go on a shopping spree as there are intriguing antique shops. Adventure seekers; and those with a penchant for mountain biking can head towards Bootleg Canyon.

Activities during Nevada Holidays

Gaze through the Star

Well! This could bring a quizzical look on many faces, but Tonopah and Great Basin National park in Nevada have a clear night sky; as it is secluded, hence, the clear sky provide perfect condition for star gazing.

Ghost Hunting

Maybe a juvenile fun, nevertheless, in Nevada it’s a major attraction. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Ghost or not – it is still spooky and fun. There are many isolated buildings and cemeteries for this activity. Many Ghost hunting activities are organized.

Extraterrestrial Highway

Conspiracy theory fascinates many people, despite lack of evidence or veracity.  Adjacent to the secret area 51 highway is the Extraterrestrial Highway. Such unique mysterious places make Nevada Holidays exciting.  There is also a treasure hunt powered by GPS to hunt hidden object. Explore the area and enjoy Geocaching.

Awe-Inspiring Landscape and Adventure Activity

The most noteworthy aspect of Nevada is the contrasting nature of the landscape, where there are deserts and snowy mountains like Sierra Lee Canyon. Head towards the snow-capped mountains for skiing and snowboarding.  

Nevada is a dry state; therefore, it’s a great idea to take a dip in the hot springs of Gold Strike and relax. Kayaking is a great idea at Lake Tahoe. 


Foodies! Get ready for an eclectic cuisine in Nevada. There are plenty of culinary options. Try various exotic Thai cuisines and the Shrimp cocktail as an appetizer. Savor the tasty Chicken wings with French fries or relish Chateaubriand of Spanish Basque.     

Interesting Facts about Nevada

Nevada is often associated with gambling, but there was plenty of silver found in the region. There is no income tax and even corporate tax in Nevada.  Experience miniature tsunami in Nevada in water filled cave.

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