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Villa Romana

Neapolitan Riviera - Amalfi Coast, Minori

San Pietro

Neapolitan Riviera - Amalfi Coast, Maiori

Hotel Royal Positano

Neapolitan Riviera - Amalfi Coast, Positano

Hotel Miramalfi

Neapolitan Riviera - Amalfi Coast, Amalfi

La Pergola

Neapolitan Riviera - Amalfi Coast, Amalfi

Conca Azzurra Hotel

Neapolitan Riviera - Amalfi Coast, Amalfi
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Captivating on Neapolitan Riviera Holidays

Beaches, sunshine, and sand galore will make it a captivating Neapolitan Riviera Holidays. The Small Island and coastal region has an incredible coastline.

Visit the Manronti beach in Ischia for a perfect holiday. Enjoy the natural springs and the beautiful sandy beaches spread across the region. The beautiful thermal spring passes into the sea. There is plenty of scenic wonders and one can watch the beautiful Sant'Angelo harbor.

Explore the secluded Fornilla Beach in Positano. Experience the tranquility by lying down and relaxing on the rented chair. The warm Mediterranean water is irresistible, hence, a great idea to take a dip and swim through the sea.

Water Sports on Neapolitan Riviera Holidays

Italian Riviera boat tour is a great way to discover the coastline. There are plenty of cruise and boat trips organized to explore the mysterious caves and majestic coastline. Take your family and kids for a fascinating Family Holiday to Neapolitan Riviera. For an Adrenaline sport head towards the Amalfi coast for windsurfing. Cruise through the coast via yacht and explore the scintillating coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  At Ischia indulge into snorkeling and explore the magnificent marine world.


Dishes made of fresh fishes are quite common around the coast. Neapolitan Pizza and pasta are quite famous. Relish the exotic clams. Visit the cliff top restaurants and relish the best of Italian cuisine.

Best Time to Visit Neapolitan Riviera

Amalfi is a perfect holiday destination throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the region is from March to October.

Tranquil Holidays in Neapolitan Riviera

 Neapolitan Riviera Holidays would be exceptionally peaceful. There is enough tranquility around the coastline and excellent restaurant serving delicious food. Look out for best deals on Super Escapes for an All Inclusive Holidays to Neapolitan Riviera. Deals are covered under ATOL and ABTA.

Interesting Facts about Neapolitan Riviera

Visit Herculaneum which is in proximity to Mount Vesuvius. The lava and ash have covered the area and preserved the daily life of people in its natural state. It looks like time has come to standstill. An event such as baking of bread is crystal clear.

You can go on a cooking classes or wine tasting tour. Italians cuisine is quite popular, and gastronomy is an integral part of their culture. Visit the local vineyard and learn about winemaking. They also teach details about grapes used in winemaking.

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