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Grand Hotel Gozo

Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands

Comino Hotel And Bungalows

Islands Of Malta, Comino


Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands

St Patricks Hotel

Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands

Calypso Gozo Hotel

Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands

Corncucopia Hotel

Islands Of Malta, Gozo - Maltese Islands
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Balmy Mediterranean Beaches on Malta Holidays


This tiny island has some stunning beaches and an incredible landscape. Discover the finest beaches around on Malta Holidays.

Explore the Golden Bay Beach and its beautiful inlets and coves. The water is calm and ideal for children. The beach is best suited for Family Holidays to Malta. The isolated Ghajn Tuffieha Bay is a scenic wonder with amazing red sand and surrounded by incredible cliffs.

Mellieha Bay is best for small kids. The amenities which include sun umbrellas and bars and cafes make it a perfect holiday spot. The water is usually warm and the atmosphere around is generally peaceful.   

Water sports on Malta Holidays


Gear up for an exciting Malta Holidays and dive in the warm Mediterranean Sea in HMS Maori. Discover the underwater world; moreover, explore the artificial reefs and numerous military wrecks from the Second World War.    

Several water sports activities happen around Mellieha Bay. Indulge in water sport around this bay. Go for banana boating or kayaking, water skiing or windsurfing.  

The scintillating Blue Lagoon is an ideal spot for boating and yachting. The Blue Lagoon certainly has a Caribbean flavor to it.

Malta Cuisine

Savor the traditional Malta cuisine. Fish is quite popular in Malta, especially the lampuka which is a kind of dolphin fish. Enjoy the grilled swordfish teak which is quite popular in Malta. Rabbit is not a pet in Malta; in fact, it’s a popular cuisine, served with small chops of the liver. Gulp the local beer called Cisk. Olive is frequently used in Malta cuisine.

Best time to Visit Malta

<p style="text-align: left;">Bask in the sunshine on Malta Holidays. The ideal time to visit this exotic island is from June to September.</p>

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Interesting Facts about Malta

Malta was ruled by Arabs for less than two centuries, but it had a profound influence on the native language, where many words from Arabic are imbibed. Call it a historic amnesia, but Malta has no recorded history from 395 to 535 AD. The Island played a vital role during the First World War when several wounded soldiers were taken to the Island for treatment. It is a food lover’s paradise. Moreover, Malta was featured in Hollywood films like Troy, Gladiator, and the popular Gamed of Thrones.

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