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Murdeira Village Resort

Sal, Santa Maria

Voi Vila Do Farol

Sal, Santa Maria

Porta Do Vento

Sal, Santa Maria

Marine Club Beach Resort

Boa Vista, Sal Rei

Porto Antigo Residence

Sal, Santa Maria

Royal Decameron Boa Vista

Boa Vista, Sal Rei
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Beaches on Cape Verde Holidays


Rejuvenate yourself around the scintillating beaches of Cape Verde. Santa Maria Beach is Sal Island is a mesmerizing white sandy beach and the amazing bright blue color water.

Visit the long stretch of sandy beaches in Boavista island. Explore the Chaves beach and relax on the white sand. For water adventure move towards the Calhau beach in Sao Vincent island.

Melt into the natural surroundings of Tarrafal beach in Santiago Island. There are plenty of Palm trees and an enormous landscape. This is place resonates serenity and a perfect place to unwind and relax.  

Water Sports on Holidays to Cape Verde


Cape Verde is a paradise for water sports; moreover, there are several activities around the beaches. At Santa Maria beach dive into a deep ocean and discover various shipwrecks; explore the caves and the rich marine life into the deep ocean. Also, Kitesurfing and surfing is a serious sport around the island. The kite surfers world cup is organized around one of the bays.

For more Kites surfing experience head towards the Chaves beach on the east coast. Visit the Sao Vicente Island for some fishing and surfing. Calhau beach has an ideal wind and wave for surfing.

Best time to Visit Cape Verde


November to March is the best time to visit Cape Verde. Enjoy the carnival celebration in February in Sao Vincent.

Cuisine on Cape Verde Holidays

Cachupa is a national Cape Verde dish. The ingredients include beans, Kernels, fish or meat and vegetables. Relish the thick Canjo chicken soup served with rich. Savor the exotic sea food around the island.

Explore the Volcanic landscape on Cape Verde Holidays

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Interesting Facts about Cape Verde

Today Cape Verde is quite a popular tourist destination. But there was a time when due to droughts the people left the country. The island was visited by Charles Darwin who studies flora and fauna. The Island was uninhabited up until 15th century when Portuguese landed and established a major slave trade post.

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