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Coconut Court Beach Hotel

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Almond Beach Resort

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Halcyon Palm

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Dover Beach Hotel

Barbados, St Lawrence Gap

Time Out Hotel

Barbados, St Lawrence Gap
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One thing that anyone would accept that the Caribbean knows how to party, no one can beat them in partying. Barbados never sleeps and they wake up when the sun sets. Enjoy nightlife at Limegrove bar in Holetown and for a nice drink and music move towards St Lawrence Gap. Party never ends at Mullins Beach bar.       


Beaches on Holidays to Barbados

Barbados beaches are heavenly that it would be difficult to come out of the reveries. Miami Beach is the best place for Family Holidays to Barbados. It’s the most popular beach and the sunset is breathtaking. The calm waters make it an ideal swimming spot where the locals and tourists indulge in swimming.

Explore the balmy coastline of the Caribbean and visit the Pebbles beach around the Atlantic shores. For a beautiful picnic go towards the east coast and enjoy a peaceful time under the tranquility of the shady trees at the Bathsheba beach. This beach has the longest coastline with an awe-inspiring rock formation.

Water sports on Barbados Holidays

The mesmerizing waves of Barbados would certainly boost your adrenaline. There are in fact, finest surfing beaches in Barbados. For a novice head towards Freights Bay Surfers point and experts should catch waves at Soup bowl; which is indeed, surfer’s paradise.

The rich marine life of the Atlantic is worth exploring through Snorkeling.  Take a dive in the crystal clear water and explore the majestic coral reef and the various shipwrecks. Barbados is an amazing place for scuba diving and snorkeling.  Explore the incredible underwater life. The Aquatic life includes Seahorses, Triggerfish, Barracuda, Angelfish, Tingray, Manta rays.


Caribbean food is diverse and eclectic. Relish the Rotis and curries and try the fresh seafood. Enjoy rice and peas, gulp fresh fruit juices, or savor the homemade pastries and bread. Barbados is the birthplace of rum. So if you love rum then take a sample of the exotic rum from this island.


Interesting Facts about Barbados

Barbadians love cricket and afternoon tea. It is the Island that produced legendary cricketer Garfield Sobers, and famous singer Rihanna.

The parliament in Barbados is the oldest and running since 1639.  When it comes to tourism it is one of the most sought after destination in the Caribbean, more than a million tourist flocks to this Island every year.

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