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Lombardy - Milan, Milan City

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Lombardy - Milan, Milan City


Lombardy - Milan, Milan - Malpensa Airport

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Lombardy - Milan, Milan City

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Lombardy - Milan, Milan - Malpensa Airport

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Lombardy - Milan, Milan City
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Iconic Cities in Lombardy

Milan – It is the dream of every fashion enthusiast. The fashion events draw international travelers on a large scale every year. The glamorous city has great architecture, best museums and numerous art galleries. The iconic Duomo is the classic example of Gothic architecture. The Opulent Royal Palace and dazzling nightlife draws good number of travelers every year.

Bergamo – Immerse in the natural beauty of Bergamo on a Holiday in Lombardy. Explore the beautiful town perched on the mountain it is recognized by the UNESCO as world heritage site. Wander through the cobbled streets, you will come across the great beauty of Venetian architecture and best views of Alpine. There are some fantastic museums which displays some fantastic artifacts of historical times.

Lake Como – The spectacular Como Lake is the biggest draw in entire Italy for centuries. Travelers flock to this region of Lombardy to enjoy magical views of the lake. Boat trip across the river and cable car rides on the mountainous landscape are popular activities on a Lombardy Holiday.

Best Things to do on Lombardy Holidays

Tour to the grand garden of Villa and explore the works on display which is the most genuine marvels of Italian design. They also boast exotic flowers, pathways and wonderful cafe culture. Hiking in the wonderful Val di Mello Park takes you to the dramatic beauty of cascading waterfalls, fantastic mountains, breathtaking nature and numerous attractions. Milan welcomes you for the best shopping experience; the iconic fashion city also has great architecture to admire. The lovely beaches of Lombardy stun you with some magnificent views, plenty of water sports and many adventures. The gorgeous Como Lake harbors numerous adventurous sports from regular boating experience.

Lombardy Cuisine

The food culture in Lombardy region differs when compared to down south. Besides, the wide varieties of Pizzas and Pastas, there are plenty of local varieties. While planning a Cheap Holidays to Lombardy, you must be very specific about the food that you want to try on a vacation. Red meat is largely used in the dishes, the variety of Cheeses are numerous. You have endless options; prefer a family run restaurant to taste the most authentic Italian cuisine.

Interesting Facts about Lombardy Region

Milan is popularly known as the fashion capital of the world. It is the capital city of Lombardy region.

The impact of Spaniards, Goths, Lombard’s and Romans is immense on the island, as they ruled the region for centuries.

Lombardy region was quite popular during Renaissance era. There are numerous personalities of the art world lived here.

The world’s most famous opera house, La Scala is located in the Lombardy region’s capital city Milan. In addition, there are plenty of art galleries and buildings dating back to medieval times.

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