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Greneda, Grand Anse

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Greneda, Grand Anse

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Greneda, Grand Anse
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A trip around the Etang National Park

Embark on a hiking tour at Etang National Park on this Grenada Holidays. Melt into the forests and indulge in fascinating sightseeing in the wilds. Hiking around the forest is an incredible experience and one would be captivated by the aroma of fresh spices. Head towards the mount Qua Qua and indulge in the sightseeing at the breathtaking Etang Lake.

Beaches on Grenada Holiday

 Unwind around the Majestic Grenade beaches and enjoy the sunshine. The idyllic surrounding would simply captivate anyone. Relax around the soft sand and enjoy the awe-inspiring coastline.

Natural surroundings are ubiquitous to Grenada. Hence, head towards the Grand Anse beach, which is surrounded by a huge number of palm, almond trees, and sea grapes. The serene nature of the sea makes it an ideal place to indulge in swimming. There are plenty of beach bars around for a quick bite.

Morne Rouge beaches a perfect place to spend with family. Hence, it’s an ideal spot for a Family Holidays to Grenada. Relax under the shade of the almond and sea grapes trees. The calm waters and the serene surrounding make it an ideal family spot with young kids.

Water sports on Grenada Holiday

Adrenaline sports are in plenty on this Cheap Holidays to Grenada. Go for a Kite surfing at JT Pro Center Kitesurfing School or for more thrill and excitement Jet skiing is the best option around the west coast. Flyboarding is another enthralling experience that one can indulge in at Grand Anse beach.

Sail through the mesmerizing coastline and Kayaking in the midst of Greenery and nature is awe-inspiring. Nothing comes close to Scuba diving where one can see the beautiful coral reef and the most intriguing facet is the meeting of Atlantic with the Caribbean Sea. Go for Snorkeling and explore the underwater and the small wrecks.


 Grenada cuisine is tasty and rich in variety and aroma. Eat healthy seafood or savor the Fried bake and Salt fish Souse. Relish the Rotis filled with chicken, fish, veg or beef. Curry goat is the tastiest dish which has herbs and spices, normally served with mango chutney and pickle.

Interesting Facts about Grenada

It is called the spice of the Caribbean, as the Island produces nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. There are only three traffic signals around the Island. Discover the Moliniere underwater sculpture. It is the creation of Jason Tylor who is a British sculpture who carved human sculptures through snorkeling.  Due to its rich biodiversity – Grenada is a popular destination for eco-tourism.

Best time to Visit Grenada

January to April is the best month to visit Grenada, September, and October is not the best time due to the hurricane and strong winds.

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