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Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

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Berlin Area, Berlin

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Nh Berlin Potsdamer Platz

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Berlin Area, Berlin
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Coastline on Holidays in Germany


Germany has a fascinating coastline with some scintillating beaches and remarkable beach resorts. Explore this wonderful coastline on All Inclusive Holidays to Germany.  

Explore the North Frisian Sylt Island which has a plethora of beaches and high-quality resorts. Some of the popular beach resorts are Rantum, Hörnum, and Kampen. The nightlife is amazing and due to the breathtaking natural reserve, the island got listed under UNESCO.  

The unique Landscape of the Rügen Island is worth exploring. There is also an incredible coastline of 61 km with mesmerizing sandy beaches spread across the region. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking. It’s indeed a great place for Family Holidays to Germany.



Gear up for the Oktoberfest, which is a significant folk festival in Germany. It’s in fact, a festival of indulgence where a huge quantity of beer is consumed.  The festival is celebrated as Germany reunification or Germany unity day. Relish the authentic German cuisine with plenty of sausage and meat. However, German cuisines also consist of fish and in the southern region, there are dished prepared from Pork. Try traditional egg noodles Spätzle. Try the quintessential Bratwurst which is an iconic German dish.

Relish the Currywurst sausage with French Fries or the local Bratkartoffeln dish. Kartoffeln dish tantamount to German identity, as many Germans in jest are called Kartoffeln.  


The aesthetic side of Germany is indeed fascinating. There are nearly 6200 museums throughout the country. Check out the museum for art and culture such as Germanic National Museum. The Deutsches Museum in Munich is a science museum with amazing things pertaining to astronomy, technology and science. Neanderthal Museum is more about the evolution of Mankind. It is more of an archeological park. Discover the Maritimes Museum where there are nearly 40,000 artifacts of maritime art, model ships, and construction plans.

Best Time to Visit Germany


In plain words, next month is the ideal time to visit Germany and experience the October fest which is probably the most significant folk festival. May to November is the best time to visit Germany.

Exciting Carnival Oktoberfest

Grab this opportunity and enjoy the wonderful Oktoberfest which is held in the month of October. It’s a great time for indulgence and hobnobbing around the streets. Check out special offers and discounts at Super Escapes websites. All the deals are covered under ATOL & ABTA.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Nearly 800 million people much Currywursts sausages in Germany. This also includes vegan and vegetarian as well.

Germany’s important inventions include Book Printing, bacteriology, Automobile, television, Refrigerator, Theory of Relativity.

Germans are brutally honest and straight to the point. This trait is indeed fascinating, as there is no mincing of words. They give a precise answer to any question.

The Christmas market is spectacular in Germany, perhaps the best in Europe. But Germans are excellent in recycling. The tough policies are taken by the Government to ensure effective implementation.

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