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Famous Tourists sites on France Holidays


France has a plethora of tourist attraction especially the museums and various architectural wonders.

To begin with, Musee de Louvre is a must visit on this Holidays in France. If you are a collector with a penchant for old artifacts, then visit to this museum would be a dream comes true. The remarkable collection includes the famous portrait of Mona Lisa by Leonardo. Other collection includes the code of Hammurabi and Egyptian Mummy.    

Visit the dream city Paris on this All Inclusive Holidays in France. Eiffel Tower is a must visit. It’s not merely a tower and an inanimate structure, but rather significant to French people.  People of France are emotionally attached to this structure as it signifies French revolution.

Versailles Palace or Chateau de Versailles is another important tourist’s destination. It used to be the abode of Louis the fourteenth. This is where the French revolution germinated and the common people challenged the grandeur lifestyle of the royal rulers. However, the glitter and the amazing artifacts are still around. The richness and royalty attract several tourists from around the world.

French Riviera on All Inclusive Holidays


Swim through the balmy Mediterranean Sea on this wonderful French Riviera. Explore the awe-inspiring coastline and the magnificent beaches.

Nice is located on the eastern side of Cote d’Azur. Gaze through the grandeur mountains. But for swimming head towards the Coco beach which is an ideal spot for swimming. There are plenty of restaurant, café, and bars, but nothing comes close to the authentic organic French wine.

 Cannes is where the famous film festival is held. However, it is not merely limited films; there is also a Promenade de la Croisette and a sandy beach. This is indeed a paradise for sun loungers or those looking for sunshine and tan.

For absolute relaxation head towards the Pampelonne beach located in St Tropez. Chill out around the sandy beach or go to the famous Club 55 and get a taste of Champagne. Laze around the sea on France Holidays.


Relish French cuisine and its rich gastronomy. The culinary reflects French culture and Olives adds a Mediterranean flavor to it.  Culinary is indeed an integral part of French heritage. The food and its preparation alter from region to region; nevertheless, the richness of culture is always there in every cuisine.

Relish the Foie Gras which is always prepared during the Christmas season, also Oysters is pretty common during the festival season of Christmas and New Year. Relish Cassoulet which is a rural dish now part of the exotic French cuisine. Herb buttered Snail is another exotic cuisine which is cooked with butter parsley cream.

Best Time to Visit France

Taking the number of tourists and peak season into consideration; the best time to visit France would be from April to June and September to November.

Beautiful French Tour

Explore this wonderful country which is deep in culture and heritage. Discover various landmarks on this Family Holidays in France. Excellent deals are available, with discounts. For more information visit Super Escapes website.    

Interesting Facts about France

Before we begin with interesting facts, let’s talk about Jeanne Louise Calment the 122-year-old women. She is the oldest living women in France. In crux, France ‘Better life index’ is way better. The average age is 85 for women and 79 for men.   

France boasts of the 100 year legacy of cycle race (Tour de France). However, French Gastronomy is quite remarkable. French in total consume 30,000 tonnes of snails per year. The cheese production goes at an astronomical billion tons every year with 1200 different variety. French gastronomy is an important social custom and listed under UNESCO heritage.

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