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Explore Estonia Holiday Attractions

 Tallinn is the top rated holiday destination in the entire Baltic region. It is quite popular for clubbing and draws numerous holidaymakers. People go crazy all the day in clubs, but it’s not all about partying. Wander through the streets of old town, the UNESCO recognized world heritage site. It has plenty of attractions which gives a glimpse of past, explore churches of medieval times, houses and more. A just 50 mile ride would take you to Lahemaa National Park; enjoy glorious beaches and scenic landscape of wildlife. There are plenty of interesting places that you should explore on Estonia Holidays. Kuressaare Castle is the prominent attraction of medieval times. Located in the Western Europe, this impressive Castle is the magnificent beauty on the top of the hill, making the Blue Sky as the spectacular backdrop. There is a museum which exhibits amazing contemporary art work. Estonia boasts great culture and folk music move ahead to enjoy authentic way of Estonia’s life in the countryside.  

Explore Stunning Beaches on Estonia Holidays

 Estonia features dramatic coastline over 3500 kilometers. There are plenty of Blue flagged beaches for your sun drenched holidays. Enjoy glorious sun, sand and great outdoor adventures on a holiday. The most popular amongst all is the Kuressaare beach. The water level is low and creates perfect space for families with children who prefer swimming, sunbathing on the shores. Enjoy amazing wildlife in the national park of Lahemaa and relax on the shores of Vosu beach. Want to experience high intensity sun, and then move to Mandjala beach a great place to enjoy amazing adventures. If you are very particular about beaches, plan a Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Estonia. You can experience the holidays to the fullest in the country.

Food in Estonia

 To understand the culture of, you must taste the delectable food available in Estonia. Smoked fish is the top favorite, local chocolate and you will find seasonal dishes. The dishes made of Pork are quite popular and usually served with vodka. Stews are extremely popular in the country. There are plenty of restaurants to serve you the most authentic local and international varieties.

Escape to the Fascinating Landscape of Estonia

Explore the dramatic landscape of Estonia with Super Escapes and admire great architecture, enjoy best beaches, taste extravagant food and numerous attractions. We ensure great discounts on hotels and flights with ATOL and ABTA protection.


Interesting Facts about Estonia

The forest cover of Estonia is more than 50% of the entire country. Unlike offer countries, the expansion of forests takes place here on a large scale. The resultant is rich bio-diversity and there are several species endemic to this region.

Apart from mainland Estonia contains 1500 islands; its landmass was hit by meteorites thousands of years ago. Saaremaa is one such place, where you can find the impact of a giant meteorite.

With over 133,000 folk songs, Estonia has the world's largest collection of songs. Estonia's song festival holds the world record, where one-sixth of total population sang collectively on the stage. The concert was attended by some around 200 000 people and 34,000 of them sang on the day.

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