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Jasmine Palace Resort And Spa

Hurghada And Surrounding Area, Hurghada

Hilton Hurghada Resort

Hurghada And Surrounding Area, Hurghada

Titanic Palace And Aqua Park Hrg

Hurghada And Surrounding Area, Hurghada

Desert Rose Resort

Hurghada And Surrounding Area, Hurghada

Panorama Bungalows Resort Hurghada

Hurghada And Surrounding Area, Hurghada

Hilton Hurghada Long Beach

Hurghada And Surrounding Area, Sahl Hasheesh
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Top Attractions in Egypt


Explore the wonders created during ancient times on an Egypt Holidays in Giza. This fantastic destination houses treasures of past, both the Sphinx and the Pyramids. Visiting one of the ancient wonders of the world would be a lifetime experience. Now, it is the turn of Valley of the Kings, where the tombs of Monarchs resting here for over 500 years. Around 18 tombs are open to Public; still the excavation process is underway. You will definitely appreciate and surprised by the flawless condition of the site. Floating in the waters of Nile River on a Cruise ride would be a great experience to explore the top attractions. You can enjoy great views of the Egypt’s prominent attractions. For relaxing on a holiday, Sharm el-Sheikh is the beach paradise for sun seekers and adrenaline junkies. It is the great place for shopping experience and buy some valuable souvenirs. Enjoy amazing views of sunrise over the Mount Sinai.

Dramatic Beaches in Egypt


Egypt has the best beach resorts which offer gorgeous views of natural landscape. The resorts are quite popular for diving, windsurfing and numerous water based activities apart from relaxation. Gouna is the popular beach resort along the Red Sea, surrounded by star hotels, overlooks the marina. This beach paradise is the top favorite for snorkeling, canoeing and relaxing on a vacation. Taba is another prominent resort on the Sinai Peninsula pretty close to Israel border; you can see amazing landscape of colored mountains. Marsa Allam is the great spot for adrenaline junkies, creates perfect ambiance for great holiday adventures. To experience undeniable beauty of Egypt coastline, plan an All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt in advance.

Delightful Culinary Experience in Food


This is the only place on planet, where you can find dishes from three continents Arab world, African and Europe. A complete culinary delight for everyone and for foodies literally a paradise, Kebabs, Shawerma, Fattah and Sayadeya come under the list of top favorites that you should not skip on Egypt Holidays. Apart for local favorites, you can have international dining experience in Egypt.

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Interesting Facts to Know About Egypt

Egyptians believed in life after death, the pyramids are nothing but tombs of ancient Egypt rulers. The process of mummification could be seen here.

To keep life in balance, some around 2000 deities are worshipped here. Cat was the sacred animal for households during ancient times.

Numerous articles in the present modern era include papers, pens and locks were introduced by them.

It is home to world’s largest river Nile.

The ancient Egyptian calendar synchs with solar calendar, and contains 365 days. Initially, it was designed to check the floods in the country.

Suez Canal which connects the magnificent Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean is controlled by Egypt.

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