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The Square

Copenhagen Area, Copenhagen

Imperial Copenhagen

Copenhagen Area, Copenhagen

Absalon Hotel

Copenhagen Area, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Plaza

Copenhagen Area, Copenhagen


Copenhagen Area, Copenhagen

Scandic Hvidovre

Copenhagen Area, Copenhagen
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Sandy Beaches and Mesmerizing Landscape


The coastal side of Denmark is rather breathtaking; above all, it’s perfect for Family Holidays to Denmark. The waters are calm which makes it ideal for children. Gear up for some water sports and challenge the waves.

Head towards the white sandy Palm Beach in the northern region of Denmark, the most noteworthy things about the beach are the palm trees which are imported from Canary Island in Spain. Experience the Spanish flavor in Denmark.

For adventure and water sports visit Blokhus Beach which is an ideal spot for windsurfing. There is also a Kite festival that happens every year. The sandy beaches and turquoise waters make it a perfect tourist’s destination.  

Danish Gastronomy


Danish culinary include some good old recipe from the Viking era. However, the climatic condition also shaped food habits over the centuries. Beef and Pork are an integral part of their cuisine, and also there is plenty of Potato and vegetable used in many dishes. Relish the open-faced sandwich, also called Smørrebrød around Copenhagen restaurants. The toppings come in innumerable varieties like beef and roasted ham.

Try the exotic Leverpostej liver plate, which is a specialty during Christmas. Savor the Fiskefrikadeller made from codfish where onion, parsley, and lemon juice is used.

Best time to Visit Denmark

Ideally, May to August, because the weather is warm. By late November until Feb Snowfall is found.  The temperature falls drastically in winters and the days are shorter.

Cultural Denmark Tour

Take this opportunity and explore this beautiful country on All Inclusive Holidays to Denmark. Denmark is a developed country and economically advanced. There is a lot to see in the land of Søren Kierkegaard. Super Escapes provide discounts and great deals. All the deals are covered under ATOL & ABTA.


Interesting Facts about Denmark

Welcome to the world of happy people. Danes are the happiest people in the world. The concept of Janteloven is quite fascinating. It simply means that no one better than others. This is certainly egalitarian and promotes equality among races, genders and differently able people.

Liberalism is a hallmark of Danes. They are never afraid to speak their mind.  The harbor of Copenhagen is crystal clear that a person can swim in it. Moreover, Greenland belongs to the Danish Kingdom. Feel cozy in Denmark, there is a specific word, ‘hygge’ for it.

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