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Avlida Hotel

Paphos Region, Paphos

King Evelthon Beach Hotel And Resort

Paphos Region, Paphos

St Nicolas Elegant Residence

Paphos Region, Paphos

Panareti Coral Bay Resort

Paphos Region, Paphos

Agapinor Hotel

Paphos Region, Paphos

Paphiessa Hotel And Apartments

Paphos Region, Paphos
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Beaches on Cyprus Holidays


There is absolutely no dearth if beaches around this third largest Mediterranean Island.  Experience the warmth around the blue flag beaches on this Cyprus Holiday. The beaches are indeed idyllic with scenic wonders.

Makronissos Beach is irresistible. The Azure Mediterranean Ocean is warm and tempting. Unwind on the silvery soft sandy beach, or hire sea bed and ensconce on it. There used to be a reef once, hence, plenty of intriguing rock formation can be seen.   

Enjoy the sunshine and explore majestic rock formation, visit the Coral Bay and relax on the golden sand and experience the serenity of the warm Mediterranean waters. There are umbrellas available to laze under the sunshine and experience the warmth.

Indulge in Water Sports on Cyprus Holidays


There are enough fun sports around Cyprus beaches. Wakeboarding, water skiing, parasailing, and Banana boat or water bicycle- you name it! There are several water sports center around the Island. Gear up for an exciting adventure. Head towards the water sports centers.

For waterboarding and water skiing – go to the Crest water sports or Latchi watersports center is situated in Paphos where you can rent a Canoe, it’s, in fact, an ideal place for a Family Holidays to Cyprus. Rent a canoe and have a wonderful time with the family. The XS water sports provide facilities for wakeboarding and parasailing.

Cyprus Cuisine Mediterranean Gastronomy


Savor the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, the rich seafood and various dishes and worth trying. As it’s an island country, there is in fact, exotic seafood like octopus, squid and sea bass. Above all the old culture is found in the cuisine, like the Halloumi cheese, which is an authentic Cyprus delicacy – part of the medieval Byzantine period. Due to its proximity to Turkey, there is Turkish flavor in its deserts.

Best time to Visit Cyprus

Cyprus is warm and balmy from May to October. It’s an ideal time for beaches and water sports. For festivals visit in Feb/ March, or September for the special wine festival.

Warm Balmy Island

Explore the warm Balmy Cyprus coast and indulge in water sports and various sightseeing. Discover the rich culture and history. Take advantage of various offers from Super Escapes website. Our deals are covered under ATOL and ABTA.      

Interesting Facts about Cyprus

Oldest water wells can be found in Cyprus. It is rather a paradox that Cyprus people do not prefer fish despite of living in the Island. Certain cafes in Cyprus are only for men. But the most fascinating thing is that the town of Phapos is listed under UNESCO heritage. It doesn’t matter where you live in Cyprus. The segregation is either Greek Cypriots or Turkish Cypriots.

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