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Incredible Coastline on Holidays to Cuba

Cuba has never changed with times; of course for good reason. On this (Holidays to Cuba) discover the old architectural wonders which will take you back in the previous century. You will feel like a place from the ‘Pirates of Caribbean.’

But there aren’t any pirates. In fact, one can indulge in some adventure around the coastline. Step at the Playa Paraiso beach which is as good as stepping in the Paradise. Peace and serenity are what one can find around the vicinity of this beach. Walk around the silvery sand and take a dip in the scintillating turquoise water. 

Head towards the white sandy Varadero Beach. The beach is almost full during the season and many locals and foreigners flock to this Beach.

Water sports on Cheap Holidays to Cuba

Explore the mysteries of the underwater on this All Inclusive Holidays to Cuba. Indulge in Scuba diving and Snorkeling. The water of the Caribbean is the abode of some exotic species of fishes. There are nearly 150 species if fishes.

For a more daring experience dive with the sharks, any brave and experienced diver can dive in and swim around this majestic creature.

Explore the magnificent Cuban coastline through sailing and beating. Gear up for Surfing and water sports. For some relaxation go for fishing and there is no dearth of various species of fishes around the Cuban waters.


Cuban cuisine is relishing and exotic. Enjoy the midnight sandwich called Medianoche prepared from pork marinated with orange juice; then the entire thing is filled with rice. Try the Vaca Frita called a fried cow. Savor the exotic cuisine prepared from Shrimps in coconut oil.

Interesting Facts about Cuba

The Island resembles an alligator from aerial. But the most fascinating part is the John Lennon statue erected by Castro. He was a great admirer of John Lennon. It is indeed quite fascinating the 99.8 % of Cubans are literate. It is rather ironic that Cubans can own cars before 1959 and the cars were manufactured in America.  There are more doctors than patients in Cuba. Many doctors leave abroad. Some of them leave in search of greener pastures.  

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