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Explore Rich Culture in Central Croatia

The mainland Croatia boasts glorious past and rich culture of the country. Explore the numerous medieval age castles and fortified towns in North Western Croatia region.  In addition, there are plenty of churches and archaeological sites worth discovering on Croatia Holidays. During excavations, over 800 fossils have been excavated in central Croatia. Pay a visit to Varazdin, the buildings and structures here exhibit amazing Baroque Style of architecture. Park Cemetery, Trakoscan Castle, and Hrvatsko Zagorje regions are wonderful attractions that you should explore on your All Inclusive Holidays to Central Croatia. In entire Europe, the central Croatia region has the highest density of castles.  There are some fantastic hotels with the best recreational space which includes swimming pools, play area and numerous attractions.

Holiday activities in Central Croatia

Kayaking is the most popular activity which you should start from Zadar and ends in the lush green landscape of Dugi Otok. Enroute you will pass through dramatic cliffs, bays and white sands. Visit the national park of Plitvice Lakes, the most famous one amongst all the parks in Central Croatia region. Trekking in the Omis offers you magnificent views of Adriatic Sea. There are plenty of UNESCO recognized world heritage sites that you should explore on Central Croatia Holidays. In addition cycling in the countryside, national parks would be an amazing experience, enjoy the cool breeze and natural shade of verdant landscape on your ride.

Croatian Cuisine in Central Region

Food in entire Croatia varies from region to region. The people who ruled this region and neighboring countries also influenced in shaping the local culinary delights. For instance the Dalmatian region boasts the typical Mediterranean type of food, whereas few other regions have influence of central European dishes. Dishes prepared with Seafood, Red meat and local ingredients are available in abundant. The top favorites that you should try on Central Croatia Holidays comprise Black Risotto, Boskarin, Brodetto, Buzara, Fritule, Malvazija and Teran and more.

Interesting Facts to Know About Croatia

Croatia's North West region has the world's smallest town. Its population is just 23 and popularly known as 'Hum.'

The Dalmatian coast is extremely popular across the world. The name is not after the top Dalmatia breed. But it is popularly known as Dalmatian since ancient times.

You could easily find the magnificent landscape featured in the popular Game of Throne series near Dalmatian coast and Dubrovnik.

Wine production in Croatia has long history of over 2500 years.

More interestingly over 10% of landscape contains national parks and reserves.

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