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Best Beaches on Holidays to the Caribbean


If Germany and the Netherlands are about Museums and Castles and the Spanish mainland is full of architectural wonders. Then Caribbean is filled with natural wonders and glistening beaches. The only challenge is to choose, in fact, making a choice can be a little difficult as the innumerable natural wonders would certainly confuse tourists.

Visit the Pigeon Beach in Tobago and experience the serenity and the calm waters.  Eagle beach in Aruba is rather mystical; especially the leaning divi-divi trees around the coast look magical.  The Pink Sandy beach in Bahamas Harbour Island is a Paradise.  

Water Sports around the Caribbean


There are plenty of enthralling water sports around the Caribbean islands. Indulge in Snorkeling at Thunderball Grotto Caves in the Bahamas. This would remain a memorable experience, and you will come across colorful fishes. The caves around are magical and the enchanting underwater world is magnificent.

Go for Aquatic riding in the Dominican Republic. Sail through the Jamaican waters and explore the mystical caves. Honduras is perfect for scuba diving or power snorkeling is a good option for Grand Trunk. For Kite Surfing Aruba is the right place as the beaches are quite shallow. Plenty of actives are available for children on this Family Holidays to Caribbean.  


The diverse ethnicity brings diverse cuisine. There is plenty of Seafood. However, Jerk is a signature Jamaican cuisine, which is a very spicy dish made of chicken and meat. The dish resembles Kebab. Relish chicken and rice cuisine or savor the exotic goat stew.

Best time to Visit the Caribbean

 The best month to visit the Caribbean is from December to April.  Rainfall begins in September.

Exotic Caribbean Holiday

Caribbean Islands are exotic with enchanting beaches and enthralling water sports. Grab this opportunity and explore the glorious islands; plenty of discounts and offers are available on Super Escapes. The deals are covered under ATOL and ABTA.        

Interesting Facts about Caribbean

Only 2% of the Caribbean Island is inhabited; this is even less the Greek Islands. They were descendants of slaves from Africa. There were other indentured labors from the Indian subcontinent. It’s been the center of many Hollywood flicks like Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest, and At World’s End and On Stranger Tides. The Caribbean islands are also called West Indies. Christopher Columbus erroneously thought that he discovered India, but it was American. Hence, the natives were called Indians.   

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