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Ivana Palace

Bourgas - Black Sea Resorts, Sunny Beach

Diamond Hotel

Bourgas - Black Sea Resorts, Sunny Beach

Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort

Bourgas - Black Sea Resorts, Sunny Beach

Sunny Holiday Aparthotel

Bourgas - Black Sea Resorts, Sunny Beach

Marvel Hotel

Bourgas - Black Sea Resorts, Sunny Beach

Smartline Meridian

Bourgas - Black Sea Resorts, Sunny Beach
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Best Time to Visit Bulgaria


You can book a Holiday to Bulgaria anytime in a year if you are aware of climate conditions in the country. Heat and cold conditions vary in different regions. During summers, the temperatures reach up to 35 degrees Celsius; the Black Sea coast becomes a playground for thrill seekers. Winters are impeccable for some skiing experience. The best time to experience the gorgeous landscape of the nation.

Best Experiences in Bulgaria

The vibrant Holiday atmosphere of Bulgaria is quite popular with pleasure seekers. The coastline is equipped with best All Inclusive Resorts to offer great views of beaches, mountains and extravagant local food. The Bourgas region is the crowd puller, with architectural marvels, glorious past and many attractions. For Sun seekers, the coast is a true holiday paradise, which encourages a wide array of activities. The Snowcapped mountainous landscape encourages Skiing sport largely, they proved to be the best resorts in entire South Eastern Europe region. Take the advantage of mineral springs in Varna, just relax and experience the pleasantness in natural beauty.

Family Friendly Attractions


Families got a wealth of things to do on a vacation; Bulgaria carries a rich history of some 3000 years. Besides, sightseeing it would be a great learning experience on a Family Holidays to Bulgaria. Young ones can figure out many things from glorious past, Roman Baths, churches and UNESCO recognized sites. Moving further see the endemic and rare species in the National Park of Central Balkan region. For thrilling adventures take your kids to Aqua Paradise and Action Aqua Park. The parks are well equipped with slides, pools, swimming pools and lot of entertainment activities to keep everyone occupied on a holiday.

Best Beaches and Food


Bulgaria's coastline has some dramatic beaches, which makes the hills an impressive backdrop. Embrace the sea breeze in the beaches of Varna and Albena. There are plenty of hotels that offer dramatic views of the coast. For a perfect beach holiday in Bulgaria visit Duni, the area is full of magnificent beaches. Almost all the beachfront are well equipped with the best hotels and restaurants. The impact of Greece, Turkey and Slavic on Bulgarian cuisines is immense. The soups of Bulgaria are extremely popular; there are plenty of restaurants that serve you the most authentic local food. The dishes made of red meat are extremely popular. You can also have international dining experience in the country.

Bulgaria Holidays - For a Memorable Holiday Experience

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Interesting Facts to Know About Bulgaria

The country was named in the year 681 AD; it remains so till, the only nation without any change in name in Europe.

Bulgarian yoghurt has a unique Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, responsible for consistency and tasteful flavor.

The calendar of Bulgaria has been recognized by the UNESCO as the most accurate one.

The gold treasure found in Bulgaria dates back to more than 6000 years. According to resourceful information, they are the oldest in the world.

Bulgaria contributes some around 85% to rose oil production in the world. It is one of the main elements used in perfumes.

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