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Balearic Islands
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Balearic Islands – Best Attractions

Ibiza – This Balearic Island is renowned as the party capital of the world. Clubbing scene, jaw dropping beaches, UNESCO recognized world heritage site and White washed villages offer some of the best experiences on the island. Ibiza Holidays ensures the most delightful tour to people from all walks of life.

Mallorca or Majorca – The largest of Balearics is extremely popular for otherworldly experience. Rugged coastline, hilly area mounts down to the glorious Mediterranean makes up dramatic natural scenery. The ecstasy of Mallorca is embedded in the medieval village of Alcudia, ancient castles, museums, great art and architecture. This gorgeous island is the great place to make your vacation a pleasant experience.

Menorca – Popularly known as natural paradise, Menorca is the second largest island of Balearics. The Biosphere Reserve on the island boasts several species endemic to Balearics. UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage site. The wildlife, breathtaking beaches and attractions take you to tranquil world of ecstasy.

Formentera – The smallest of Balearics in Mediterranean Sea is pretty close to Ibiza Island. A day trip from Ibiza, would introduce to the world of sand dunes backed beaches. It is the great spot for sailing, snorkeling, hiking, bird watching and numerous experiences.

Holiday Activities – Unbeatable Memories

The breathtaking shores of Balearics harbor a wide range of adventurous sports and cruising opportunities. Catamarans departing from the Pollensa Port, takes you through the dramatic coastline of Mallorca, offering the most gorgeous views. In addition, extra ordinary climbing, rafting, canoeing and hiking are quite common on Balearic Holidays. The ultra modern Ibiza Island, takes you to the world of great culture in countryside. Apart from regular beachside sports, horse riding is one the best experience for new comers and experienced riders as well. Almost all the islands offer you out of mundane things to enjoy on a holiday.

Balearic Cuisine

Balearic cuisine comprises rich Mediterranean flavors and Spanish global favorites. The restaurants serve authentic Paella, Spanish Tapas and Fresh seafood to visitors. The traditional dishes usually make use of cereals, vegetables, legumes and locally available ingredients. The dishes usually contain red meat and seafood. There are numerous classic restaurants along the beachside and inside the towns on Balearic Islands.

Interesting Facts about Balearic Islands

Balearic group of islands make up Europe's largest archipelago, the mainland comprise Ibiza, Majorca, Menorca and Formentera, based on popularity. Catalan and Spanish, both the languages are widely spoken across the island.

The largest Balearic Island Majorca boasts imposing mountains, verdant landscape and dramatic beaches. It also boasts wonderful countryside too.

Ibiza is popularly termed as the party capital of the world. It boasts one of the best and largest clubs in the world.

The scenic landscape of Balearics inspired many legendary personalities in the field of art and writing. The islands also produced the legendary Tennis players, Carlos Moya and Rafael Nadal.

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