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Brickell Bay Beach Club And Spa

Aruba, Palm And Eagle Beach

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Aruba, Palm And Eagle Beach

Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Aruba, Palm And Eagle Beach

Occidental Grand Aruba

Aruba, Palm And Eagle Beach

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

Aruba, Palm And Eagle Beach

Renaissance Aruba Resort And Casino

Aruba, Palm And Eagle Beach
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Best Places to Visit on Aruba Holidays

On Aruba Holidays, starting your journey from Oranjestad, the capital city of the island would be a great choice. It is the great mix of historical attractions and beaches. The popular holiday activities comprise boating, Swimming and Snorkeling on the coastline of the city. Visit the fantastic Lighthouse of California in the North West; it overlooks the dramatic Sea, offering the majestic views of Aruba. The island exports Aloe products on a large scale; there is an Aloe Museum which exhibits the production process on the island. The other landmark sites on the island comprise Casibari and Ayo Rock formations on the island. In addition, there are some fantastic caves worth exploring on a Holiday in Aruba.

Pristine Beaches on Aruba Holidays

Aruba beaches are appreciated for the magnificent beauty and considered as the most gorgeous in the world. Eagle beach on the Western coast is probably the best amongst all; move to any corner of the coast, the coast will never let you down. For little one's Baby beach is incredible for numerous activities. The popular spots of Palm Beach and Oranjestad are impeccable for excursions. For instance, cruising, snorkeling and catamaran cruising are popular holiday activities. Aruba All Inclusive Holidays provides an amazing opportunity for pleasure seekers. It brings you hotels, flights and other activities in a single price at great discounts.

Culinary Delights

Aruba Island offers something more than dramatic beaches. The food culture here is truly fantastic, serves the fresh sea food, soups and traditional Aruban food. The influence of Spain, Holland and Caribbean Islands is immense on the island. Keshi Yena, the traditional dish prepared with Chicken and minced meat is the most amazing worth trying on Aruba Holidays. Most of the restaurants serve you the freshly caught fish mixed with unique flavors.

Interesting Facts about Aruba

Aruba is the territory of Netherlands territory with Green landscapes. The country with lowest population of just 120,000 has over 90 ethnic groups living harmoniously. The people living here can speak at least four languages.

The most interesting thing about the island is its official slogan – One Happy Island.

The Arikok Natural Park of the island occupied 20% of entire landscape.

The ATM machines deliver both the US dollars and Florin the local currency in Aruba.

Aruba gets drinking water after desalinating the sea water. It has no natural resource for drinking fresh water.

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