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Antigua, St Johns

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Antigua, Dickenson Bay

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Antigua, Bolans
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Best Things to do on Antigua and Barbuda Holidays

Antigua Holidays is not all about the beaches, you will have plenty of things to do on a vacation. Explore Nelson's Dockyard, which reveals you the glorious past of the colonial era on the island. This UNESCO recognized world heritage site, houses fantastic museums and a park which permeates the dockyard. You will learn about the rich maritime history of the island. The reefs which span for kilometers offer amazing snorkeling experience for pleasure seekers.  Visit the national capital, St John's, here you can find forts of ancient times and plenty of attractions. Find some rare species in the impressive lagoon on your pleasure strip.

Best Beaches in Antigua and Barbuda

Both the Antigua and Barbuda Islands have some around 365 beaches. Life of the locals & tourists revolves around beaches. Apart from offering scenic views, the beaches encourage a snorkeling, windsurfing and numerous water based activities for visitors. Valley Church Bay in Antigua is palm lined beach with white sands, the shallow waters are impeccable for swimming and safe for kids as well. In the southwest, Ffryes beach is tranquil beach with laid back atmosphere, which draws the people who love pleasant atmosphere. You will find the bluest waters in Antigua at Dakwood beach; it offers the most amazing views on a clear day. Half Moon Bay is ideal for windsurfing and Pigeon Point beach for amazing snorkeling activities. There are plenty of beaches in Antigua and Barbuda to make your vacation a pleasant experience on island. Plan an Antigua All Inclusive Holidays for your next getaway to enjoy great savings on Hotels and flights.

Food in Antigua and Barbuda

Salt fish is used in preparing most of the dishes in Antigua and Barbuda. In addition, Fungie is also largely used on the islands. Most of the local restaurants offer you delectable salt fish, fungee and Johnny cakes. Ducana made of sweet potatoes is served with salt fish is the favorite cuisine on the island. Goat Water is the Island's top favorite, where cloves and cinnamon are largely used to prepare the dishes. Jerk Chicken and Seafood available here will stimulate your taste buds on Antigua Holidays.

Interesting Facts about Antigua and Barbuda

Several words emerged from the language spoken by the Caribbean’s called Taino. They comprise hurricane, canoe, tobacco, barbeque and hammock.

Dramatic engineering of nature along the coast shaped the Devil's Bridge in the North Eastern part of the island. The Rock arch from the coast offers most scenic views of the surroundings.

The name of Boggy peak is changed to Obama, honoring the United States President in 2009.

Cricket in the national past time, it’s really hard to believe that such small island is the birthplace of iconic cricketers like Vivian Richards and Courtly Ambrose.

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