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Antigua, St Johns

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Top Attractions in Anguilla

Holidaymakers name Anguilla a Caribbean gem; its impressive natural scenery may compel you to say so. Shining beaches on the islands are biggest attractions, further locals with welcoming nature creates a positive vibe. If you are after some tranquil atmosphere, move to Anguilla’s offshore islands for some fantastic snorkeling and diving experience. There are plenty of museums and art galleries worth exploring on Anguilla Holidays. There are some finest restaurants quite popular for wonderful dining experience. Anguilla also provides an amazing island hopping opportunity. Hire a small plane to move to the island of St. Barts to enjoy the scenic landscape of nature. Discover the fascinating history of the island in the Valley, the capital city. During summers the island literally becomes a play ground for pleasure seekers. The summer festival is quite popular; numerous holiday activities like boat races, beauty contests and dancing take place during the holiday. If you plan All Inclusive Anguilla Holidays in advance, you can make your vacation a hassle free holidays.

Best Beaches in Anguilla

Anguilla is beach lovers’ delight; there are some 33 pristine beaches worth exploring on a pleasure trip. If you are on a long haul you can hit all of them on your visit. Explore Shoal Bay East, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Blanchard is one of the finest beaches that offer some excellent dining along with the fantastic natural scenery. Visit 4-kilometre long Rendezvous Bay to enjoy some tranquility on Anguilla Holidays. The beaches harbor a wide range of adventure sports that comprise wind surfing and numerous water based activities.

Food in Anguilla

The food scene in Anguilla is wonderful and you will have an opportunity to taste numerous cuisines. Apart from local favorites, enjoy some international dining experience available on the island, French, Italian, Moroccan and more. Sea food is available in abundance and Fresh fruits, vegetables, Flour and Corn meal are used to prepare the authentic Anguillan cuisine. There are some best restaurants outside the beaches to serve you local delights on Anguilla Holidays.

Interesting Facts about Anguilla

Anguilla, the island has been named for its "eel-like" shape. This small island in the Caribbean region was discovered by Christopher Columbus.

The island's population is just 14000 when it comes to demography Arawaks, were the early residents who settled here 3500 years ago. Originally, they migrated from South America but were massacred by Cannibals ruthlessly.

Unlike other Caribbean Islands, Anguilla has no such favorable conditions for farming or plantation.

It is the territory of the British Government, ruled by the governor appointed by the Queen.

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