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Incredible Museums and Churches on Andorra Holidays

Generally, Museums are places for aesthetic sensibilities, but in this part of the world, Museums are beyond the aesthetics. It’s rather unique place to explore on Holidays to Andorra.

The unusual museums are the Comic Museum, Electricity Museum, Postal & Tobacco Museums, and Perfume Museums. The Comic Museums is also a place where one can enjoy and understand various methods involved in comic creation.  The electric and perfume museums are all about understanding the nuances around the subject. Visiting these museums would certainly enhance your knowledge on the subject.

The old Churches and the amazing artwork are worth exploring. Visit the Sant Joan de Caselles and Church of Santa Coloma for serenity.

Cuisine in Andorra

Try exotic fried snails or relish wild boar which is very common around the mountainous region. Famous dish is escudella prepared from meat and Pasta Shells. For exotic culinary try Cargols snail. The snails are roasted in the oven served with garlic mayonnaise and olive oil.  In every meal Bread with Tomato i.e Pa Amb Tomaquet is served; serving this is considered to be a part of the tradition.

Best time to Visit Andorra

  An ideal time to Visit Andorra is from April to October, where there is warm weather. But if you are looking for Skiing then November to March is the best time.

Beautiful Landscape on Andorra Holidays

The beautiful small country is filled with natural wonders. Explore this country and take advantage of our All Inclusive Holidays to Andorra. Avail discounts on Super Escapes website.

Interesting Facts about Andorra

 This 16th smallest country in the world produces a huge quantity of cigarettes. Catalan is the official language in Andorra. If Peace is what the world around was seeking, then Andorra has never been at war in the last 1000 years.  Explore this beautiful country which epitomizes peace. Moreover, life expectancy is pretty good in this part the world. Also, the tourist per capita is excellent in Andorra. 

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